Thursday, March 24, 2011

Origami Crane Place Card Holder Tutorial

Origami Crane Place Card Holder
I folded this striking origami crane place card holder with one sheet of 15cm precision square origami paper from Folded Square Origami. Completed it measures 7cm in height, 10cm in width and 3cm in depth. It's very sturdy, holds a place card securely and is not difficult to make. I really like it. Please check out the tutorial below!

Origami Crane Place Card Holder
I've inserted a small piece of paper as a place card. I'm thinking dinner party, birthday, shower, wedding reception, meeting etc... It folds flat in case you want to make a bunch and store them. Design creator unknown. No scissors, glue or tape used. is a worldwide supplier of award winning origami modelling packs and paper. Based in the UK this environmentally friendly, vegetable ink paper is produced locally and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The fresh design on the paper above is Paul Robson's, one of Folded Square's international design team.

This designer paper is available in my USA aStore, and worldwide from It comes in a unique hand-folded origami gift box.

Tutorial: Origami Crane Place Card Holder

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  1. I love Origami! I am not quite as talented at it as you but it is fun to try. I am stopping in to say Hey and I look forward to working with you in the Blog Guidebook's Blog Club Team! I am following you through GFC. If you have a Twitter and Facebook page let me know and I will follow those as well. Have a great day and talk to you later!